Satellite Tron Next Digital

Satellite Tron Next Digital

Arduino Tron – Your source for future next steps in Digital Devices – We ideate and design smart, lucid platform-based solutions to solve real-world problems seamlessly and efficiently.

  • Powerful AI ML and Edge Computing Solutions

Satellite Tron’s Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning models and tools are helping organizations become more agile by helping them automate business processes, gain better insights into the future, and improve engagement with customers and employees. Using NLP, deep learning, computer vision and image processing Satellite Tron’s AI services are helping organizations develop data-driven, easy-to-operate products that can manage risks and streamline processes.

  • Our AI ML and Edge Computing services include

Cognitive Services – Gives recommendations for efficient and informed decision-making. Assists in recognizing and visualizing pictures or ledgers. Conversion of voices and speaker recognition Natural language processing. Search APIs.

Machine Learning – Helps in accelerating the end-to-end machine learning lifecycle Simplifies machine learning with a powerful no-code environment, automated machine learning capabilities and open source support Integrates existing dev ops with the machine learning lifecycle Deployment ready from cloud to edge Helps with enterprise ready security, control and governance standards.

Computer Vision and Advanced Image Processing – Document validation and verification Real-time object detection and tracking Human anatomy pose and expression detection Machine vision in assembly line automation Augmented reality, virtual reality and mixed reality Image matching.

Human to Machine and Machine to Machine Conversational Solutions – Interactive Chat-bots and Digital Assistants.

  • The Internet of Things (IoT)

At Satellite Tron Technologies, we are uniquely positioned with the hardware and software experience to help your business capitalize on the IoT Internet of Things revolution. We help your company with IoT

  • Physical Engineering: Electrical, Component, and Mechanical
  • Design: Prototyping, Industrial Design, UI/UX, IoT Infrastructure
  • Manufacturing: Design for Manufacturing, Supply Chain Management (SCM)
  • Security: Device, Software, Cloud, and Protocol Specific such as BLE 4.2
  • Software: Networking,  Infrastructure, Middleware, Embedded-Systems, AI Programming, Big Data, Machine Learning, Servers, Cloud Computing, Edge Computing, iOS and Arduino Apps

The Satellite Tron (Executive Order Sensor Processor System) Arduino Tron is an excellent proven, pre-build, platform app that allows you to use a mobile Arduino MQTT Telemetry Transport device. It reports location and additional information to Satellite Tron at selected time intervals. The Satellite Tron Arduino Tron app provides a solid platform that your company can build its own custom dedicated app on using an internet-connected or mobile cell network connected Arduino device for location and environment information.

  • iOS, Arduino and Tablet Mobility Solutions and IoT Devices

At Satellite Tron Technologies mobility provides solutions for the following areas

Native Apps Implementation – Implementation of native iOS, Android, and Windows applications that are optimized according to the target platform.

Developing Cross-platform Agnostic Solutions – Satellite Tron Technologies hybrid capability helps in building solutions that are cross-platform agnostic and configured with the usability of device APIs that can bring down maintenance cost.

Progressive Web Application Development – Satellite Tron Technologies progressive web applications expertise helps in increasing engagement, enhancing reliability and facilitating a quick response to user interaction with animated application services.

  • Robotic Process Automation

Satellite Tron Technologies Robotic Process Automation (RPA) services automate high-on-volume and repetitive human tasks using software bots. This leads to higher accuracy and efficiency in operational processes.

Our services aid customers in the following ways

Incubation – Our dedicated RPA framework helps in defining vision and the target operating model. It also establishes governance, a demand pipeline and support model for enterprises.

Process Compression – Enterprises are achieving process digitization with RPA. This helps with automation and eventually leads to agile outcomes.

Virtual Workforce – With virtualization, enterprises can move towards maintaining a workforce that works in synchrony from anywhere, anytime. It helps in all-round staff enablement by virtualization of workspace.

Developing Embedded Systems and Devices firmware requires the ability to work with both hardware and software, observe real-time constraints, account for new and custom designs, and configure or create new operating systems. Executive Order Corp offers a wide range of Embedded Design Services that can transform an idea into a complete product. This includes devising of System Architecture, Board and Firmware Design, Application Software Development, Mechanical Design, Prototyping, Validation, Regulatory Certification, and Pilot Production. Let our experienced professionals support your project and instill the highest level of confidence in your embedded system.

We also work with clients to develop innovative software to deliver targeted and effective data communication. We have a complete professional software design and development staff. Our staff members are recognized for their expertise with streaming data, online telemetry information, IoT (Internet of Things), and can develop software solutions for your business.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us should you need additional support information.

We also provide businesses with software development services to help become more efficient and effective with DCU, TCU and GPS Tracking and remote data monitoring. If you are searching for an IoT or software developer expert, we have a wide range of in-house and outsource experts in different business sectors.

Download at Executive Order Satellite Tron AI-IoTBPM Internet of Things BRMS Drools Design Architecture.