Connected Car Technology provided by IoT–Internet of Things

Connected Car Technology

Future of Connected Car Technology

The connected car technology will not be limited to conventional cars. The self-driving vehicles will also make use of this technology to communicate with the road infrastructure and cloud system. But at present, the connected cars are disrupting the automobile industry. With more and more smart vehicles being launched, buyers are leaning towards the connected cars. In the coming years, connected technology will be the new norm, and it will also enhance safety and reduce accidents. The next-gen 5G connectivity will improve the technology, and connected vehicles will be even smarter and smoother to use.

Consumer Benefits from Connected Cars

  • Access to a wide range of infotainment/entertainment services.
  • Advanced navigation system through third-party apps.
  • Advanced safety features to reduce the chances of an accident.
  • Enhanced security features will help you to keep track of your vehicle.

Satellite Tron Technologies

Although more and more leading automakers have their own software R&D teams to independently develop domain controller hardware and corresponding software, it is almost impossible for them to research all by themselves. They will still rely on suppliers like Satellite Tron Technologies in terms of hardware design and manufacturing, and more standardized “middleware”; especially from a single domain to cross-domain (body domain, cockpit domain, autonomous driving domain), the complexity has increased exponentially and the importance of cross-domain (multi-domain integration) high-performance computing software platforms will become more prominent, and the value of domain controller software platforms provided by Satellite Tron Technologies will continue to drive the market.

Satellite Tron Technologies domain controller software platforms (middleware) (between automotive operating systems and software applications) mainly abstract computer hardware from software applications, and also serve as a communication bridge between applications. As the communication architecture transfers from the “signal-oriented” type to the “service-oriented” type, the value of domain controller middleware has become more prominent. Additionally Satellite Tron Technologies advances in AI/ML technologies bring predictive experiences and adaptive controls that enhance the Driver automobile experience.

• Transform how in vehicle information is leveraged for an enhanced User Experience.
• Develop smart solutions that process User Interactions and predicted outcomes.

How We Get There
• Build apps that integrate with Cloud to real-time in-vehicle data processed by advanced Analytics.
• Integrate in-vehicle in infotainment units with Cloud to apply Predictive Models to analyze data and suggest preferred course of action.

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Our Focus Areas of Research

Our major focus at center of the future revolves around

  • Predictive analytics and HMI
  • To design and develop intelligent applications that leverage Data Science, Analytics AI/ML technologies and process user Interaction data to improve User Experience.

Power Management

  • To help drives better understanding their power usage and change needs.
  • To build smart solutions that allow businesses to modernize their vehicles fleet batteries by selling power back to utilities.

Autonomous Vehicles Driver Interaction Testing

  • To develop and test on autonomous vehicles-driver interaction solutions
  • Fostering partnership to pursue excellence in automotive space

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Satellite Tron IoT Telematics Architecture PDF Download  Executive Order Corp Satellite Tron Telematics AI-IoT Internet of Things with Artificial Intelligence for Automobiles. Publication Satellite Tron AI-IoT Telematics Architecture with Artificial Intelligence for Automobiles Design Architecture for Automotive and other IoT Device Orchestration.

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