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• What we do – Executive Order Corporation is a professional software development services, custom software development and IT staffing consulting services. We provide software consultants and software developers to build custom software solutions. Our experienced staff is well rounded on new and traditional information technology services and dedicated to the success of our clients.

• Custom Software Development and Integration We develop software to meet the unique business needs of our clients. Our skilled design and development teams will build custom software that leverages your unique business advantage. We will successfully manage your IT projects, improve project management quality, define IT opportunities in your business terms and develop IT strategies to maximize your return on your IT investment.

• Enterprise Management Work with one of our experienced consultants assigned to your team as a technical adviser to get the skills you need to develop on-going enterprise applications. A project consultant can be scheduled for the complete project, or just for the critical portions such as start-up, mid-course corrections, or final packaging and testing. Our project consultants can provide the guidance for your enterprise IT management.

• Systems Engineering Executive Order provides premier systems engineering services to deliver complex systems and software programs to our customers. We focus on defining customer needs and required functionality in the development cycle, documenting the requirements then proceeding with design and system development lifecycle.


• Custom Applications Our consultants help our customers to achieve their strategic information technology goals. Whether your need is a large enterprise-wide solution or you simply need some additional resources to work with your team, Executive Order can assist you to meet your needs.

• Project Consulting We are one of the leading consulting companies specializing in custom software design and application development. We can help you define a package of services that will help your project to be successful by delivering it on time and to your budget.

• Custom Software Our software services is your complete software development solution. Executive Order builds complex systems for automated network management, business rules, business process management, natural language understanding, ontology, real-time planning, and visualization. We provide Artificial Intelligence (AI), Business Rule Management Systems (BRMS) DROOLS and Business Process Management (jBPM) research and development. Also, we offer a variety of training courses and books on these and other topics.

• Technical Training We provide technical training and support for technical program management, software development, and engineering, business analysis, and systems engineering needs.

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