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AI Space Systems– My experience with Pragmatic AI, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Integrated Machine Learning (ML), I have created a Smart AI-ML Business Process Workflow Automation AI Reasoning Engine for your Enterprise AI Automation.

I created AI Space Systems, an Advanced Innovation Lab for My AI, Mind Studio, LM Studio (LLM). AI Space Systems is a forward-looking division focused on providing our customers sustainable competitive technology advantages. Using my experience with Pragmatic AI, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Integrated Machine Learning (ML) Java/Python with big data analytics I have developed the following Bespoke and Off The Shelf AI & Machine Learning technologies and solutions for our clients:

  • Ad Assistant – Write ad copy for billboards, Youtube videos, commercial spots and more.
  • Blog Post Generator – Create SEO driven blog posts in seconds.
  • Campaign Budget Optimization – Optimize your campaign budgets and achieve your marketing goals.
  • Code Generator and Review – Generate code snippets and quickly review code for applications.
  • Demo Call Sales Trainer – Provide in-depth training sessions for your sales team to master their calls.
  • Document Companion – Create an AI companion to any technical document.
  • Email Funnel Generation – Create new email funnel strategies designed to convert new customers.
  • Email Response Generator – Quickly generate responses to important emails.
  • Employee Handbook – Create interactive training sessions and as questions about company policy.
  • Employee Sentiment Analysis – Extract sentiment analysis from any CSV file.
  • Financial Forecasting – Provide financial data to generate accurate forecasting insights.
  • HR Candidate Evaluation – See if a resume is a good fit for your job description.
  • HTML Banner Ad – Generate code and styling for effective website banner ads.
  • Internal Job Posting Optimization – Create effective job postings to promote employees from within and encourage growth.
  • Lead Generation Ad – Effective lead generation ads for Facebook.
  • Legal Compliance Assistance – Ask questions and stay informed to your company’s policies, procedures, and business practices.
  • Marketing Channel Expansion – Generate new ideas to expand your marketing channels and reach new customers.
  • Outreach Email – Create customized outreach emails designed to promote business.
  • Payroll Report – Create a payroll report assistant that makes sure your company payroll is appropriately managed.
  • Policy Handbook – Create a privacy policy chatbot aimed at helping customers and employees alike.
  • Resume Scanner – Quickly analyze resumes from potential candidates to simplify the hiring process.
  • Salary Band Generator – Create accurate salary bands for employees based on location, experience and more.
  • Sales Proposal Generator – Generate detailed and persuasive sales proposals.
  • Sales Transcript Review – Provide constructive feedback and improve your sales strategy by reviewing sales interactions.
  • Social Media Caption – Generate captions for any type of social media post.
  • Telegram Announcement – Generate announcements that you can send via the Telegram API.

At Executive Order AI Space Systems Advanced Innovation Labs I lead a team responsible for driving the future direction of our digital products and services and integrating those solutions into customers existing product portfolio and enterprise system operations. I provide leadership, vision, and strategy assistance to drive product innovation and new concept development, helped manage platforms that integrate our products and house our data. I drive product performance for our existing portfolio of products including customer engagement tools, and digital transformation. I develop many unique technology concepts targeted at providing improved, unique customer experiences while driving revenues and efficiency for our customers. My innovative concepts explore the use of IoT, Virtual and Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Connected Vehicles, Mobile Apps, Cloud and Edge Computing, and AI-ML Cognitive Computing.

AI Space Systems – The Future of Artificial Intelligence an Executive Order Corporation

Founded in Atlanta, Georgia in 1978, Executive Order Corp was established to provide Project Consulting, Custom Applications, Professional Services, and Software Development to our corporate clients. We provide our clients with exemplary products and professional software consulting services.

Executive Order Corp is a leading provider of technology that helps global companies design, develop, deploy, and integrate software applications. Delivering best-in-class solutions dedicated to interoperability, Executive Order allows enterprises of all sizes to move toward IoT, Edge Computing, and web-based computing while continuing to leverage the benefits of legacy systems for your cutting-edge Cloud Computing solutions.

At Executive Order Corp we focus on the underlying business processes and a data-driven user experience design, combined with rapid system, cross-platform, and cloud server development. Our solutions are technology agnostic, allowing tools to work across an ever-changing variety of platforms, provide detailed analytics, and integrate seamlessly with back-end systems.

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