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IoTBPM AI-Artificial Intelligent Smart Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to a network of connected devices collecting and exchanging data and processes over the internet. IoT promises to provide “smart” environments and smart products. While this data is useful, there is still “a-disconnect” in integrating these IoT devices with mission-critical business processes and corporate cloud data awareness.

The task of moving IoT devices beyond “connected” to “smart” is daunting. Moving beyond collecting IoT data and transitioning, to leveraging this new wealth of IoT data, to improving the smart decision-making process is the key to automation. Artificial Intelligence (AI) will help these IoT devices, environments and products to self-monitor, self-diagnose and eventually, self-direct. This is why we say, “If a machine thinks, then a machine can do.”

But one of the key concepts in enabling this transition from connected to smart is the ability to perform AI Analytics. The traditional analytic models of pulling all data into a centralized source such as a data warehouse or analytic sandbox are going to be less useful. We are not trying just to analyze complex IoT data; we are trying to make “smart decisions” and take actions base on our AI Analytics of IoT devices.

The integration of Drools and BPM into our IoT projects, the Arduino Tron AI-IoT Drools-jBPM automation project demonstrates that actions and behavior of our IoT devices can controlled from our BPM engine and analytical reasoning can be achieved through Drools Rules. Also, with the use of AI Drools-jBPM analysis and reasoning in IoT devices, we are able to orchestrate dissimilar devices that normally have no awareness of each other.

We have expanded on the automation project and added new IoT components and devices that will be a part of our Arduino Tron AI-IoT Drools-jBPM Automation project. These new additions will give us additional situational awareness and allow us to interact more naturally with our IoT components and devices.

IoT Automation SA-Situational Awareness

IoT SA-Situational Awareness is the perception of environmental elements by our IoT devices and events with respect to time or space, the comprehension of their meaning and the projection of their change of status to us (humans) in a perceivable way. This might be as simple as turning on a light or displaying a message or sounding an alarm. But, we want to know more, we want to know our SA-Situational Awareness.

In current IoT systems, sensing and actuation is mostly done at the bare bones data level, whereas many IoT applications demand higher level situation awareness of – and reasoning about – the systems’ states and the physical environment where they operate to preform intelligent decisions.

Additionally, as distributed IoT sensors and applications become larger and more complex, the simple processing of raw sensor and actuation data streams becomes impractical. Instead, data streams must be fused into tangible facts, information that is combined with knowledge to perform meaningful notifications. What we have accomplished with our AI-IoT Drools-BPM implementation, is our Arduino Tron IoT devices are judging and making decisions after cognitive situational reasoning.

AI Space Systems IoTBPM Wireless Alert Sensor

The AI Space Systems IoTBPM Wireless Alert Sensor is for automated remote monitoring and notification. This IoT device reduces the resources needed to manually monitor people, places and things that could be self-monitored. The AI Space Systems IoTBPM Wireless Alert Sensor offers an easy-to-use, wireless monitoring solution that uses existing WiFi networks and Internet access to gather sensor data and alert notifications instantly.

Some uses for AI Space Systems IoTBPM Wireless Alert Sensor are refrigerator temperatures, plumbing leaks, door and window access, humidity or server room temperature, front door access and much more. The AI Space Systems IoTBPM Wireless Alert Sensor online cloud-connected IoT WiFi, complete SoC (System on a Chip) provides alerts when specific conditions are met. You can address security alerts and maintenance problems before they become expensive repairs.

AI Space Systems IoTBPM Wireless Alert Sensor can be used as a simple remote alert that will immediately send an alarm signal via the WiFi network back to the AI Space Systems IoTBPM Drools-jBPM Server. The Arduino Tron Wireless Alert Sensor can be integrated with any wireless security system, mailbox, garage door, driveway alarms, motion sensor, delivery detect alerts, wireless door entry chime, doorbell or panic button alarms. The Arduino Tron Wireless Alert Sensor provides for audio (door chime) or device activation (such as lamp or appliance).

AI Space Systems IoTBPM Wireless Alert Sensor Applications

The AI Space Systems IoTBPM Wireless Alert Sensor can be used with any contact switch. The AI Space Systems IoTBPM Wireless Alert Sensor sends via the WiFi wireless transceiver to the BPM-Drools Server from any remote location in the world. The BPM-Drools Server can log the information and then activate any other automated process based on the event. This can be something as simple as an IoT Wireless Open-Door Chime or as complex as an employee access authorization notification.

The GPS tracking automation and remote monitoring system is a complete package for home or office. Its wireless GPS tracking allows you to monitor your office, systems, personal property and family from anywhere in the world. Receive information from any number of events like when an employee arrives on-site, where a vehicle is located and even receive remote ambient light intensity, temperature, humidity, and additional information.

  • Monitor – Track Employees, Assets, Fleet Vehicles or Yourself
  • Anti-theft – Vehicles/Heavy Equipment, Fleet Management, etc.
  • Personal Protection for Businessmen or Spouses
  • Covert Criminal Tracking/Property Locator
  • Provide application support to your staff and management

Arduino Tron GPS tracking device reports location and additional information at selected time intervals. The Arduino Tron sends remote ambient light intensity, temperature and humidity information to the live map server. Using an internet-connected or mobile cell network connected Android phone, location and environment information are at your fingertips. Remote streaming of additional information is possible like the following: accelerometer, magnetometer, gyroscope, IR temperature, barometer, and equipment status and condition. Monitor buildings, vehicles and people from anywhere in the world. Stay connected and informed to what’s important.

We also provide businesses with software development services to help become more efficient and effective with GPS Tracking and remote data monitoring. If you are searching for an IoT or software developer expert, we have a wide range of in-house and outsource experts in different business sectors.

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